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Whatever you’re planning, you need to entrust it to someone you believe will capture it exactly how it happened. This job fulfils me, and that’s why cultivating true connections with my clients is so important. I invest my heart into my work, and my creativity flourishes with people who trust me to see all the moments as they come. I do my very best to capture honest images. The photos that show the goosebumps, whispers and hand squeezes. 

I get to witness your love and connection firsthand, and I don't take that job lightly. Every couple is different, so every shoot is different. I do my best to allow your energy and emotions to fill the space, but of course will direct when necessary.My approach is to really understand what makes you you, and how you love and what that looks like. So, if I sound like the girl for you then maybe I am,

lets hop on a call and make this happen!

xx, brooklyn

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