A wedding photographer is more then a vendor to cross off the list - we are here to be friends, confidants, advisors and yes-man's! Your experience with me is a top priority, and it is my goal to ensure you not only enjoy your photos, but then entire memory.

I get it, it can feel weird to hire a friend, but honestly with all the time we will be spending together you can guarantee we will be besties.

Whatever you need - I'm your girl.

First of all - I need you to dive wholeheartedly into this experience. It is so so so important that we work organically, and that you trust me through the process! I always bring music and could chat your ear off for hours, and I do not leave you hanging when it comes to outfit guidance. Asking questions is so important, so I am here to do just that! And even if I'm not the one for you, always make sure to choose what feels best to you, no matter what.