1. What mattered the most to you when planning your wedding? 

Clay and I actually sat down and talked about what was most important to us before we really started planning because the amount of decisions to make was overwhelming. We knew we wanted good food and drinks. We wanted a packed dance floor because dancing is the best part of going to a wedding. And we wanted to be surrounded by people who would love and support us!

2. How did you want your photos to feel?

We wanted our photos to feel authentic, artistic, different. Like pieces of art you could have hanging in your house and people might see them and not realize they were your wedding photos

3. What makes this location special to you two?

 Our location was perfect for us because it’s our dream to one day be on our own plot of land and have a huge greenhouse and a big place to host all the people we love. We loved all the different spaces - like the light-filled patio, the cozy greenhouse, the gorgeous living room and bar, and the private guest rooms. It really was our dream location.