1. What mattered the most to you when planning your wedding? 

It was really important to both of us that we only have people there that really matter to us. We both can get overwhelmed being the centre of attention, so a large wedding just didn't really seem like us. Of course, we planned the wedding in about three months, so there were a few people who couldn't make it. Ultimately though, we were so happy with the outcome, which was a small gathering of close friends and family. 

2. How did you want your day to feel?

Fun!! We weren't after the traditional wedding experience, honestly it can be a source of stress feeling like you have to check off all of these boxes throughout the day. The cool thing about weddings is you can do whatever feels right for you! We simply wanted to make sure all of our guests had the best time and that the vibes were good. Good music, good food, good dancing! 

3. Why did you get married where you did?

I (Mallory) grew up on the island so I always imagined getting married there, especially right by the ocean. We've taken a few trips to Tofino together and theres something about being there that feels so peaceful and removed from the rest of the world. We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience that. For both of us, it just seemed right! 

Right from the beginning of my booking process, I could tell Mallory was not a wedding person. Her and Devon were very honest in explaining that they didn't connect with what a typical wedding needed to look like, so what they decided to do was whatever they wanted.

A Tofino elopement, styled with minimalistic decor and just their closest family and friends, Mallory and Devon tied the knot on Cox Bay Beach, on August 31st (a Wednesday I might add). M took her time getting ready, her sisters helped with her hair and she slipped on a handmade dress made right in town. This day was perfect, simple and incredibly personal - I wish every wedding celebration felt this real.


Gown: Jacoba Jane

Florist: Wildbloom Tofino

Band: Jess Rabbit

Caterer: Tofino Resort and Marina

Jewelry: Brilliant Earth & Leah Alexandra

Wedding Cake: Ouest Artisan Patisserie