1. What mattered the most to you when planning your wedding? 

What mattered most was everyone to enjoy themselves and really get to spend time with our family and friends and eachother. This is hard at a wedding because your scheduled day. I would recommend adding scheduled time with eachother throughout the night as it goes by so fast because of the timeline. 

2. How did you want your day to feel?

We wanted everything to flow and be just easy like it was a regular party. So much is stressed for a wedding and it felt like just a lovely night with our family and friends and that’s exactly what we wanted. 

3. Why did you get married where you did?

We chose Rowena’s in regards to our budget and their packages. It was so easy to use their vendors and have recommended ones to us. When you step on the property it’s very open and beautiful with a few heritage touches which we loved. Our family and friends were able to stay the night there and that was another plus! 

Devon was incredibly intentional right from the beginning of the booking process. She had a vision for what the day was to look like, and Grayson was by her side for all of it! The details, the time with family, the Elvis impersonator and all the personal touches truly made this day unique.

D & G really trusted me to capture the day as it was - they talked with everyone of their guests, danced with their nieces and really enjoyed the celebration. It is always an honour to be entrusted with such a momentous day, and I am so thankful for brides like Devon who really see their celebration as an experience, not a production.


Hair: Skin District

Gown: Everly Bridal

Suit: Moores

Florist: Dogwood Designs

DJ: Spin Doctor

Catering/Venue: Rowena's Inn

Jewelry: Jade Oi Studio

Wedding Cake: Reddy Made Cakes