1. What mattered the most to you when planning your session? 

For us, the most important aspect of planning our engagement session was being able to do it at a place that holds a personal meaning. From boating to exploring the ocean, we wanted to incorporate the activities we enjoy most into our photos, so that they would truly reflect who we are as a couple. Luckily, our photographer Brooklyn was incredibly flexible and enthusiastic about joining us on this adventure. Her willingness to embrace our vision and work with us to create something truly special allowed us to capture unforgettable moments that perfectly encapsulated our love for each other and the beautiful coast of BC.

2. How did you want your photos to feel?

We just wanted the photos to feel like us, you know? We're all about having fun and laughing, so it was important to us that the pictures captured that side of our relationship. We didn't want anything too serious or posed - just casual, relaxed, and full of joy. We wanted the photos to show how happy we are when we're together.

3. What makes this location special to you two?

This place holds a special spot in both our hearts. Ross took me here on our first date, and what was supposed to be just one night turned into two weeks. Since then, we have been inseparable. We feel incredibly fortunate that we have been able to come back here time and time again, building, fixing, and learning about so many different things. We are excited to create even more memories here, including our engagement shoot which we are adding to the list.