1. What is your advice to those planning a small wedding or elopement? 

My advice for anyone planning a small wedding would be host it like you would a big family dinner. low lighting, candles, and wine. that’s all you need.

2. What were your hopes for your photos? How did you want them to feel? 

We wanted the photos to feel like we were the only only ones the beach.

Like if we stripped down our entire wedding and entire marriage down to the raw core of our our relationship, it would feel like slow motion, like intimacy, like freeness- that’s what we wanted these photos to feel like. 

Jeremiah + Jaylene are incredibly intentional people.

Going into this session, it was very clear that they valued authenticity and evoking emotion in each photo taken. They dove head first into the movements, they enjoyed the experience and most importantly, they trusted me to capture it however it was portrayed.

My greatest joy in my job is when my clients freely embrace the session as their own - it creates the photos that mean the most.


Gown: Reformation

Suit: Moores

Venue: Wreck Beach, BC

Jewelry: Summit Diamonds