1. What mattered the most to you when planning your wedding? 

What mattered most to us when planning our wedding is that it felt intimate, easygoing and full of love. For those reasons we kept our guest list teeny tiny and just had our immediate family and a couple of friends. We intimately incorporated our family members into the ceremony and this made the whole day special for everyone.

2. How did you want your photos to feel?

We wanted our photos to feel candid - capturing the special moments that occurred naturally throughout the day. We wanted them to feel romantic, genuine and full of all the emotions of the day. Most often the best moments aren’t planned or posed! 

3. What makes this location special to you two?

Italy is where we got engaged and oozes natural beauty, love and amazing hospitality. The biggest reason we chose a destination wedding is that we wanted to spend a whole week with our families becoming one big family. Our families live all over the world so this decision allowed us to enjoy a week of fun together cooking tasty meals and drinking delicious bottles of wine while exploring quaint historic towns. The wedding ceremony was the cherry on top of a very special love-filled week!