1. What mattered the most to you when planning your wedding? 

One of the most important aspects of our wedding was that we gave ourselves time to remember each moment, we did our ceremony one day and reception the next for this reason. Things still go quick so our other priority was finding a photographer and videographer we were comfortable with and confident that they would deliver images we will love for the rest of our lives.

2. How did you want your day to feel?

We wanted it to feel relaxed and fun for not just our guest but us as well. To do this we had a intimate ceremony and a reception with games and lots of time for all our favourite people to mingle. 

3. Why did you get married where you did?

We did a backyard wedding at the house my husband grew up in. It had meaning for us and also fit our hopes of the day being relaxed and laid back. 

A & G's wedding started with a beautiful first look at a nearby beach.

As Gab walked down from the path towards Aaron, their best friends watched from afar. With sappy tears they spoke the sweetest vows, making promises on their commitment to one another. Gab has since become a close friend of mine and has given me some extra detail on their day.

The truth is, a wedding was not at all part of the plan. Their first instinct was to elope, cutting out all the stress that most weddings require, and yet with the strong convincing of family a wedding was asked of them. It was a day that truly reflected them. Thrifted decor, pizza for dinner and speeches from each of their friends - this day felt more like a sentimental party than anything.


Gown: Wilderly

Venue: Parksville Family Farm

Jewlery: Olive & Piper

Suits: Indochino